to your successful IB mathematics exam

Here we are with an idea to help you survive IB Math!​  Instead of going through hundreds of pages in your schoolbook, how about a to-the-point review and the key to rock your IB exam?

How It Works

Onepagers are instant summary pages covering all topics that you have to learn for your IB Math exam. Easy to use and easy to remember​. Besides them there’s thematic practise opportunity, examination practise and one-on-one online tutoring with our specialised IB teachers. Furthermore, you get valuable feedback thanks to a performance monitoring system, which will show your predicted grade and detailed statistics to track your improvement.


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We created a collection of IB Math ‘cheat-sheets’ in book format, which gives you an illustrated presentation of theory, covering every topic of the IB Math DP curriculum.

Thematic Practice With Exam Style Questions

Get prepared topic-by-topic. Never run out of examples. Cover all types of questions. With the thematic practice opportunity you can prepare for your exam by going through all topics and checking your knowledge in each field of Mathematics. Let us be your study guide and we’ll offer you following topics to go on with, as well as give you feedback on how you’re doing.

Test Yourself
With Full Exams

Test your knowledge. Check your predicted grade. Get personalised study tips. By completing full exams you get real exam experience, where you have to solve exam style IB Math questions, provided in the classical IB structure and with a time limit. Just like at a real exam. You can choose if you’d like to take a full exam or a mock containing only exercises from topics that you have already covered.

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Our mission is to help and support you on your way to achieve your academic goals by providing quality private tutoring and mentoring. We focus on your goals and prepare you directly to smash your exams!
Don’t work harder, work smarter , they say. True. We developed super effective learning materials and a method which is a practical approach to learning Math allowing you to concentrate on what is really important through your preparation.


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